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HandyGirl Tech Tutor was started in 2013 by Carrie Greenleaf-Ross as she was inspired to help her parents better utilize the "tech appliances" they had, but didn't grasp how to make the programs perform. Instead making their lives easier, it was making them frustrated.  At a young age Carrie became interested in computers but it wasn't until her late 20's that she really understood how these amazing machines could her work "smarter, not harder". She learned to really push the programs to make the computer do as much as it could for her. Every new program she learned opened her up to new possibilities, she wanted to learn each one, all of its features and tricks. When the smartphone came along, it was the perfect combination of hand held gadget and working computer.

Carrie's work experience has been so varied that she has developed a sense of service and patience that is unparalleled. From working in a crazy bird shop, an olive factory, real estate offices, and lighting sales, she uses her life experiences and common sense to tackle any question and find a solution. A problem solver, not just in business.  Carrie is a real person, someone enjoyable who can guide you through to understanding what you want out of your devise and how to get you there without tearing our your hair. Once you determine what you want to do, Carrie will determine what information you know, and can build a learning program around you! The teaching process is unique to each student. 


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